E-News 1374 – 29th June 2024

Dear customers, friends, followers and supporters.

Summer Gift special
Summer sale present  the holiday season is already on the way. 
Until August we will include a free Holiday gift (A CD!!) in your package free of charge with every order of 2 CD’s or more!!! And with out making the postage more expensive. So A freebee with every order of 2 CD’s. 
Which CD will be a surprise but they will be from the Groove catalog of the 90’s and early 2000! 

So go and stroll through our catalog, more then 4000!! Titles are here for you to choose from and if you want the music soon take the instock items 🙂

And as there is not that much news but we can use the tickets sales to see if the festivals will take place here the info again for the 2 in September and October events by Groove.

E-live 2024 19th of October 2024
And the Artists list for E-Live 2024.
And what a program we have for you.

Main stage Artists:
David Wright and Friends
Frank van Bogaert
Pete Challoner
AE van Elst Projects

Foyer concerts by / Tectonia

And ticket sales have started!!
The tickets are now online and if you can pre-order hem as we can then see if all goes as planned.

The price is €32.00 for the whole day of top notch Electronic Music!! 
So join us and support us! We need days like this for our scene.

Start 12.30 (Bar Doors open at 12.00)
De Stoelendans (formerly The Enck) – The Netherlands
De Loop 67, 5688 EW Oirschot

Schmoelling’s S.A.W. Live in Oirschot S.A.W.
(Schmoelling/Waters/Ader/Merz) Oirschot/NL
21st of September 2024. / The Enck (now De Stoelendans)

• SAW / Schmoelling/Waters/Ader/Merz (D)
• Gert Emmens & Ron Boots (featuring Harold vd Heijden) (NL)

Don’t miss these epic concerts it is going to be great and in our beloved The Enck in Oirschot.

Here a nice promo video from the guys from S.A.W.

Tickets for the S.A.W. concert in Oirschot are now online. 

• SAW / Schmoelling/Waters/Ader/Merz
• Gert Emmens & Ron Boots (featuring Harold vs Heijden) (NL)

Start 19.30 (Bar Doors open at 18.00)
De Stoelendans (formerly The Enck) – The Netherlands
De Loop 67, 5688 EW Oirschot

A new Dreamscape for you is now online.

Thanks for your time and enjoy the holidays if you have them.
Ron and Monique New In Catalog Sequentia Legenda – Galactic Crystals

  1. – The song of Orion – 17:17
2. – Crystal of Light – 23:12
3. – Return of Meshalea – 23:07 Sequentia Legenda is so good at long-form tracks, and here he gets right into the sequencers without a lot of atmospheric sounds. This is truly joyful music. Its emphatically positive themes bring to mine the ‘70s synth classics of Jean-Michel Jarre. But even more so, the influence of EM grandmaster Klaus Schulze, whom Schieber acknowledges as his spiritual mentor for music. ————————————-
Pyramid Peak – Kontinuum

New Pyramid Peak CD will be released on August 1st, 2024!
Shipping starts on th first of August 1.- Blizzard part 1&2
2.- Dancing galaxies
3.- Echoes
4.- Harmonic Oscillation
5.- Aquamarine
6.- Kontinuum Dear friends and fans of Pyramid Peak, in the middle of the “summer slump” the new Pyramid Peak album, entitled “KONTINUUM”, will be released on August 1st, 2024!
Pyramid Peak’s now 12th studio album has a special feature, as the music was produced for the first time by Axel Stupplich only,
as Andreas Morsch is still in his musical break that began in mid-2023. Nevertheless, everything that Pyramid Peak has been known for, for over 20 years, can be found on this CD: sophisticated sequences, hypnotic beats, melodies with catchy tunes and beautiful harmonies. A total of 6 new pieces with a total playing time of more than 68 minutes take the listener on a journey into the Pyramid Peak sound universe.
The CD will be shipped on August 1st, 2024 A small sample can be found here (live version of Aquamarine, one of the tracks on the new CD KONTINUUM): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37O3DJzUpms
Have fun with the new CD and see you at the E-Live Festival at the latest!

Spyra + Roksana (Moon and Melody) – Voices of Ancestors

  1.Voices of ancestors/Stimmer der Vorfahren 31:15
2.Kolysanka dla Marii/Wiegenlied für Maria (Oekraïens kinderlied) 6:40 Voices of ancestors is a music album by the duo Moon & Melody. That duo consists of Wolfram Spyra (electronic music) and Roksana Vikaluk from classical music. Recordings took place in the St. Mary’s Church in Frankfurt an der Oder. Introduction
The duo had experienced the acoustics of the church during an earlier visit and were impressed. This resulted in the construction of a small steel installation, which serves as Spyra’s musical instrument in the church. These so-called Bow chimes, developed by Rob Butman, provide the “accompaniment” to Vikaluk’s vocal contributions. The installation was equipped with a microphone for the recordings, but the main recording took place using a microphone installation placed in an artificial head in the center of this large church. This microphone installation also captured all kinds of natural sounds, such as chirping birds and chimes. The album is dedicated to Bob Rutman, the instrument builder died during the production process.
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