Alpha Lyra – Music for the stars 2


Released: 2010 By MellowJet Records

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  1. Cosmic waves [10:15]MP3 soundclip of Cosmic waves [0:29]
  2. Milky way [7:56]MP3 soundclip of Milky way [0:31]
  3. From Myzar to Alcor [12:14]MP3 soundclip of From Myzar to Alcor [0:28]
  4. Departure to Sirius [8:14]MP3 soundclip of Departure to Sirius [0:29]
  5. The Barnard’s star [9:58]MP3 soundclip of The Barnard`s star [0:28]
  6. La Superba [12:54]MP3 soundclip of La Superba [0:30]
  7. Cygnus X [8:50]MP3 soundclip of Cygnus X [0:27]

Inspired by the cosmos

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