Andreas Hack – Pieces


Released: 2014 By MellowJet Records

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  1. Abandoned [8:00]
  2. Before the Fall [7:16]
  3. Lonely [4:17]
  4. Sand Spice [5:48]
  5. Hashima [6:45]
  6. Ghostly [4:37]
  7. Barcode [5:59]
  8. Spaceport [4:26]
  9. Under The Ice [7:24]

A wonderfull new name in the Catalog with great music full of surprises. Nice sequencing and melodies!! Highly recomended.

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / &

    For several of us the name of Andreas Hack does not mean much. But mention his name in the circle of German progressive music and the looks will be illuminated. Discussions will ignite. Keyboard player and main composer within the Frequency Drift band, Andreas Hack knew how to impose his style which is strongly inspired by contemporary cinema and works of science fiction. Allied to the attractive voice of Katja Huebner, the music of the Bayreuth band is a source of fascination which aims at feeding the imagination of these ears risky and avid to hear something unique. And it’s exactly of what is made this first solo work of Andreas Hack who transposes now his style into the corridors of EM where the possibilities of creating these film and the sci-fi ambiences are more infinite. In this surrealist decor, Pieces offers a range of genres which are in all time split up by the cleaver of the industrial atmospheres and the heaviness of their me tallic particles which radiate as much into our ears as in every nook and cranny of this first solo album from Andreas Hack. The result is something very unique that you have to discover with a sense of boldness. Something between Vangelis, the Electronica of Ultimae Records and Univers Zero.

    Hollow woosh which entail particles of prism and which on their turn get change into imaginary murmurs. The noisy, one would say a wave of residues out from a disaster, and passive opening of Abandoned” plunges us into the very sinister universe of Pices. A universe where the atmospheres stay in suspension and where the rhythms

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