Bas Broekhuis – Escher drawings

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Released: 1991 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Escher drawings part 1 [9:59]MP3 soundclip of Part 1 [3:00]
  2. Escher drawings part 2 [12:18]
  3. Escher drawings part 3 [8:34]
  4. Escher drawings part 4 [4:50]MP3 soundclip of Part 4 [3:00]
  5. Escher drawings part 5 [9:51]
  6. Escher drawings part 6 [8:00]
  7. Escher drawings part 7 [7:59]MP3 soundclip of Part 7 [3:00]

Original and melodic

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6 reviews for Bas Broekhuis – Escher drawings

  1. emonster / UK

    Listening to these sound clips, I would say that it’s just a re-run of Klaus Schulze during his 90’s period, where he went all digital.
    It would be nice of most of today’s EM artists had their own style instead of copying the old masters of EM. But unfortunately that’s what the buyer’s want. If other people like this, fine, but it’s not my cup-of-tea, sorry.

    2004. emonster / UK

  2. James H. / USA

    I would have to disagree with the Emonster” review which bashes Bas Broekhuis‘s album. I have been a longtime fan of Ron Boots

  3. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    The Escher Drawings is from 1993, but I had not had the distinct pleasure of hearing it until now.

    Escher Drawings Part 1″ is pure enjoyment

  4. Eduardo Fontana

    In this release, Broekhuis combines dreamy melodies of great strength, with floating environments, outlining an impressive sonic landscape of a mystic-cosmic character.
    The Escher Drawings” is terrestrial electronic music

  5. Donato Zoppo

    Ispirarsi all’arte figurativa cosa assai frequente nei musicisti, ma quando quest’arte figurativa ipnotica, surreale, irrazionale eppure apparentemente lineare, bisogna avere un particolare talento. E’ quello che dimostra Bas B. Broekhuis con il suo lavoro dedicato al celebre Maurits Cornelis Escher.
    Avete presente quelle figure con le scale che salgono su e gi, avanti e indietro ma non si capisce dove iniziano e finiscono? le avrete sicuramente viste, fanno quasi male agli occhi. Ricorderete sicuramente Ciclo” e “Cielo e acqua” (1938)

  6. Matt Howarth / soniccuriosity

    This CD from 2004 features 62 minutes of dreamy electronic music. Originally released in 1991, this edition has been remastered.
    From his work with Ron Boots, Keller & Schnwlder, the System, and tons of high profile session work, Bas Broekhuis has established himself a Europes premiere electronic percussionist.
    This release is thoroughly tasty and endearing. Expanding his equipment to include a wide range of synthesizers and samplers, Broekhuis produces EM of the highest quality. Rich with looping keyboard riffs and swimming with heavenly textures, the music exudes a powerful dynamic. Even the dreamier passages evoke a stately command, not unlike the beauty of a mountaintop sunset.
    Turgid notes sparkle amid a pool of shimmering calm, agitating the harmonic in a congenial fashion. The flow swells, achieving an insistent velocity, then plunges into a cosmic tunnel that compresses the resonance into a palpable intimacy for the listener. Some tones are stretched into infinite backdrops for a host of crystalline embellishments.
    Rhythms abound as serpentine threads of e-perc undulate throughout the melodies. While rarely demonstrative in their execution, these rhythms are riveting and just as commanding as the authoritative atmospherics.This music embodies an ethereal disposition that brims with vitality.

    2005. Matt Howarth / soniccuriosity

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