Bertrand Loreau – From Past to Past


Released: 2015 By kuSpheric Music

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  1. Past never Dies [38:04]
  2. Journey remains the same [11:00]
  3. Flying Stones over the Sea [11:24]

Wonderful album by this French musician.

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / &

    Bertrand Loreau is a resolute person! He is this Gaul who defends the genre retro Berlin School tooth and nail since his beginnings in music. Always very soaked with his nostalgic approach and especially very romantic, he pursues his musical quest inspired by the music of Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream with fragrances of his own. The genre gives an alloy of a very old Berlin School perfumed by a French approach always very poetic. Rminiscences, Journey Through the Past and Nostalgic Steps are all titles of album which place without appeal Bertrand’s orientations; a nice guy who deserves to be known. And this From Past to Past continuous in this lineage. Flanked by Lambert Ringlage, (what a comeback!) and of Olivier Briand (for the second time), Bertrand Loreau signs here the pinnacle album of his career. And as direct as it can sound, From Past to Past is the Stratosfear, the Body Love of Loreau. It’s an album filled by Mellotron mists, creative synth effects and solos as well as fanciful sequencing patterns in constant transition. The kind of album that we can listen in loops without ever see the time goes. And that begins in strength with this very long introductory track.

    Past Never Dies” begins this last Bertrand Loreau’s sonic offering by a thick cloud of pads which are filled of nasal harmonies. Harmonies which formerly furnished the long parades of Adelbert Von Deyen with tones of old organ of which the long flutes are anesthetized by mists of ether. The journey in time is well and truly begun. White noises which ripen into electronic lappings

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