Brainwork – Back to the roots 2


Released: 2019 By Brainwork

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  1. …there be Sound3:53
  2. Rollover4:04
  3. Silver Rain4:51
  4. Raw Data3:25

Finally a new Brainwork in the Berlinschool style!

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  1. Sylvain Lupari

    Uwe Saher likes to stir up the ashes of the past, if only to see how his vision is today compared to yesterday. We have only to think of Back to Future II in 2017, which was comparable to that of 2003. The report was uneven due to the very great evolution of EM equipment and the contemporary tone which is much more incisive today than ‘at the time. And it was especially evident in a dance music approach that has become EDM nowadays. Released in 1993, Back To The Roots was an album inspired by Robert Schroeder’s electronic rhythm patterns. This is at least according to the samples I heard at the time (I do not have this album unfortunately). BACK TO THE ROOTS II obviously has a more contemporary sound with a clear precision between recorded and mixed tracks. The result is a relentless album, of an incredible rhythmic violence with stunning structures of percussive elements which get add to some motorik sequences and percussions well in the tone where the synth solos are as kings as the diversity of the rhythmic elements.

    And the adventure begins sharply! With sudden winds and without preambles which whistle with acidity in the tones. A celestial patch of fog recalls that Klaus Schulze, like in Body Love, is not really far in the memories of Brainwork. The sequencer emerges from the banks of fog to forge a jerky rhythm by the vitality of the keys which run at brisk pace in a long linear corridor. A tasty bass line, ubiquitous and with good reason throughout BACK TO THE ROOTS II, gives more vitality to … there be Sound”. The synth solos caress this rhythm with aerial acrobatics that graze the dynamism of the sequencer. An orgy of solos flies and dances all over while the rhythm blows subtle nuances in its elegance Berliner style. Heavy

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