Brainwork – Sensual reflections


Released: 1997 By Brainwork

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  1. Refl. Intro [2:09]
  2. Spirit Rain [6:40]
  3. Wideness [7:00]
  4. Dreaming China [7:50]
  5. Red Moon [6:41]
  6. Thrill Zone [6:52]MP3 soundclip of Thrill zone [3:00]
  7. Meditrean Theme [4:34]
  8. Waterfalls [8:24]
  9. Fairy Flight [6:22]
  10. Ice Forest [5:56]
  11. Black Celebration II
  12. Refl. Outro [2:59]

12 slightly romantic tracks

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1 review for Brainwork – Sensual reflections

  1. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

    No doubt about it, Uwe Saher is one of the finest writers in EM who likes the melodious rhythms, tinted with a whit of romanticism and melancholy. Sensual Reflections is my first immersion into the musical world of Brainwork outside the paths of Berlin School. And I discovered it an album of a beautiful tenderness, thus incredible Red Moon, bended on diversified rhythms. An album that some criticisms consider as a pale reflection of what Brainwork can realize. A bad patch as Schroeder knew with the Pegasus album era. Lets go on and listen to what it looks like.

    Intro oscillates on synthesized hoops where children’s shouts are mixing to an indistinct auditory fauna, even brushing the breaths of Jarres Concerts in China. An atonal title which slams abruptly the door, propelling us in the languorous and sensual rhythms of Spirit Rain, and its tribal incantations. The rhythm is constant and maintain on a sober of percussions play, while visiting cosmic corridors. A mixture of soft techno with pure electronics.
    Wideness espouses the soft synthesized steams as the Dream on Legend. A very attractive title, because strange, where the absence of tangible rhythm hides behind a magnificent melody tinted with nostalgia.
    Dreaming China opens on very oriental chords which sparkle in an astral space, before espousing a wave-like sequence and a vaporous synth. The title increases slightly its pace on a mellotron to sluggish and captivating orchestrations, from where appear the crystal clear chords introductory. A beautiful and very accessible title.
    Red Moon is completely magnificent with its piano hyper heartrending, covered by crystalline notes and by a pleasant mellotron to orchestral arrangements that could melt a rock. Splendid candy for ears, except that we are in the easy soil New Age .but it is so adorable that it would be the sin to ignore it.
    A little as the very beautiful and its Middle Ages Mediterean Theme and its mixture of acoustic guitar, in the tones of harp and guitar of the Middle Ages, coated with a mellotronned flute and orchestration.
    After this romantic insert, Thrill Zone plunges us into a musical world darkened by good intriguing synthesized stratas, strange singing exercises and twisted solos on a constant beat. A title that will have made Mark Shreeve repertory. It is on limpid keys, rather discreet and hopping, that Waterfalls opens its first measures. The rhythm settles down, hemming on a very TD synthesized structure (American Eats Coast area). A title which runs la Yanni. That is to say very melodious, with a pleasant synth on a heavy, but unctuous, rhythm.
    Fairy Flight is another title in the sweet and intuitive look. A superb strummed line goes through a zigzagging rhythmic, interrupted by a technod insert, on sober percussions and heterogeneous sound effects which follow the tempo. A good title that hooks immediately.
    Ice Forest is a melodious and heavy title which starts with a mystic mist from where escapes soft strummed chords to brilliant chimings. A musical piece where the melancholy deludes on an ascending sequence, of which the spiral results in a heavy rhythm, while Black Celebration II offers a jerky and heavy rhythm, with an African clannish vocal approach, including the hands bangings, on a synth with very adventurous twists in background. A title that depicts the universe of contradictory rhythms in Sensual Reflections. It is melodious, while being contorted.

    Sensual Reflections is a strange album. Very melodious, with New Age tints in certain places, Sensual Reflections is rather a romantic and charming album with beautiful tracks on light and easy to tame rhythms. A collection of musical pieces which contain on the other hand real jewels, testifying of the very romantic and melancholic dexterity from this magnificent artist, who will reserve us some very beautiful surprises.

    2009. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

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