Brendan Pollard – Brendan Pollard Live in Concert 2006 Part 1


Released: 2012 By Rogue Element

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  1. Aquatic Caplet [26:25]
  2. Fluxy, Flangey, Phasey Bollox [25:17]

live recordings of my concert at

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    Every time I listen to an album molded in the nostalgic ashes of the somber sequenced movements of the analog years, like Tangerine Dreams Phaedra and Stratosfear, I have certain apprehensions. Was the vein be exploited enough to get out of it other interesting music? Brendan Pollards Live in Concert 2006 is not made of original material. Its an album of live improvised EM which had preceded the creative main lines of Brendan Pollard’s master work; Flux Echoes released in 2007. Recorded within the framework of the E-Live festival of Eindhoven, Holland, in October 2006, Live in Concert is a journey in the heart of the musical memories which subjected so much the lovers of electronic progressive music of the 70s. Its also a journey in the rhythms and atmospheres of the key album which was going to become the pass of Brendan Pollard in the circle of the immortal of contemporary EM.

    Divided between its psychedelic phases and its evolutionary sequenced rhythms Aquatic Caplet” evolves as an architectural project in which bustles a Brendan Pollard at the top of his creativity. The intro is bothered by knocks of rows which shatter with brightness the stigmatized water and by big metallic knockings which ring in an echoing mist

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