Can Atilla – Ave


Released: 2003 By Eat-Records

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  1. Time Border Passengers [26:15]
  2. Breathing Under Pressure [13:54]
  3. Japetus Dreams [13:26]MP3 soundclip of Japetus dreams [0:30]
  4. Time Seller Under The Rain [7:18]
  5. Bach’s Air [4:56]MP3 soundclip of Backs air [0:30]
  6. Pray Of Ra [2:27]
  7. Abarcus [9:07]MP3 soundclip of Abarcus [0:30]

Close your eyes and you THINK! this is Tangerine Dream

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1 review for Can Atilla – Ave

  1. Paul Rijkens

    TD or not TD: that’s the question! More TD than TD themselves”.
    Words with which this album by this Turkish musician (how many electronic musicians are in that country?) Can Atilla is being promoted. Atilla is a great Tangerine Dream-fan and he created this CD in dedication to the 30th anniversary of the Grandmasters. I know his earlier CD-R “Waves Of Wheels” which was ok but this is totally different. That album was in the style of TD‘s current music

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