Can Atilla – Berlin High School Legacy

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Released: 2018 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Messier 81 [4:07]
  2. Arp 299 [15:52]
  3. IC 10 [6:29]
  4. IC 342 [13:45]
  5. IOK – 01 [5:41]
  6. LGS – 3 [11:18]

Style: Tangerine Dream and Jarre, Fantastic Music!!

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1 review for Can Atilla – Berlin High School Legacy

  1. Sylvain Lupari

    Those who have fallen under the spell of EM since a few years probably don’t know the name of Can Atilla. High-caliber Turkish musician, the musician from Ankara has earned the praises of the electronic scene with his famous Ave, album that has marked the 30th anniversary of Tangerine Dream in 1999. Since then, Can Atilla has produced 5 albums, all on the Groove label, which have been influenced by Tangerine Dream and sometimes Jean-Michel Jarre. In the meantime, he also composed multiple soundtracks for Turkish cinema and New Age music with a strong tribal essence that rooted his power of attraction in his native Turkey. More present on the social networks that flirt with a clientele follower of the EM of the Berlin School genre for a few months, we suspected that Can Atilla was preparing a return. He whose first album in the genre goes back to Waves of Wheels in 1992. So, it is more than 15 years later and 7 years after his last album Hi-S t ory that he finally presents his comeback album. Amazing and sublime from beginning to end, Berlin High School Legacy revisits the scents of the beautiful years of EM with an approach stigmatized in the periods of Logos and Le Parc. Even more! Except this time, Can Atilla will go further. Will go even further than one would has imagined!

    And it starts with the sonic morphine layers of Messier 81″. Cavernous breezes filled with ether and absent voices float on a mass of embryonic dissonant sounds

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