Can Atilla – Concorde

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Released: 2005 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Prologue [2:46]
  2. Rain of Fire [9:24]MP3 soundclip of Rain of fire [3:00]
  3. Smoke – Cluster [3:34]
  4. Concorde Forever [9:40]MP3 soundclip of Concorde forever [3:00]
  5. Tears of Maria Barbara Bach [8:54]
  6. Midnight Runner [6:47]
  7. Purple and Flexible [6:50]
  8. Pacific Lover [6:20]MP3 soundclip of Pacific lover [3:00]
  9. Eve [10:17]
  10. Solid Water [4:42]
  11. Anna Magdalena’s Notebook [2:37]
  12. First kiss [5:55]
  13. Epilogue [1:51]

Style: Tangerine Dream and Jarre

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5 reviews for Can Atilla – Concorde

  1. Lothar Lubitz

    A hommage to the retired ‘Concorde’. With Mach2 Can Atilla takes us on a supersonic flight that reminds me not only of a famous aeroplane but also of a famous EM group. That’s TD2 @ Mach2

    2005. Lothar Lubitz

  2. Edgar Kogler

    Concorde” is an album that mix the 1970s (represented by the Concorde aircraft of the title) analog synths magic with sophisticated Synth-Pop. On the whole

  3. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

    This release from 2005 offers 80 minutes of epic electronic music.
    Joining Atilla on this recording are: Mustafa Cihan Aslan on saxophone, Murat Yucel on guitar, Cagatay Akyol on recorders, and Katia Dzjbaicha, James Watkins, and Faria on vocals.

    Highly expressive electronics are initiated and guided into gripping melodies by nimble-fingered keyboards. High end timbres are superbly blended with bass tones to achieve a remarkably well-rounded resonance. Theres a constant stream of exemplary melodies that mesmerize and thrill without fail. Chords flash by with vibrant delivery, making visceral impressions, only to make way for the next barrage of delightful riffs.
    Majestic rhythms imbue the tracks with even more vigor. Although only appearing in one track, the guitar displays an astounding presence, searing the heart with its astral pyrotechnics. The saxophone is featured in two tracks, lending a fervent passion to those pieces.
    The most notable aspect of Atillas music, though, is his meticulous dedication to awe-inspiring riffs couched in enthralling melodies. He is definitely blessed with an abundance of topnotch creativity.The music on this release all centers around observations dealing with the Concorde airliner, from dazzling velocities to stratospheric voyages to humble passengers to flights that serve to reunite lovers.
    Theres a particular deep vibration that Atilla utilizes that tickles the soul, evoking inspiring altitudes filled with ghostly mechanical bees. He mixes it into his compositions with playful abandon, invariably adding a touch of grandeur to his already grandiose music.

    Atilla is pursuing a sound forged by Tangerine Dream during the Nineties, and frankly he is doing a far better job with it than they did.

    2005. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

  4. Donato Zoppo

    Basta un po’ di inventiva e anche il volo di un aereo pu essere fonte di ispirazione musicale. Se il viaggio e il mezzo di trasporto spesso sono ottime condizioni per l’elaborazione delle idee, pi raro che dal rumore e dal rombo di un Concorde venga fuori della musica.
    Ma Can Atilla ci ha provato e il suo Concorde”

  5. Daniel Steinberg / Germany

    With his Concorde album Can Atilla performed an intense work which features nice tracks. I would like to see this album as a unique piece of work featuring his own way in fact, but it reminds me many roots from TD like the previous albums. Coming from such a rich culture, this Turkish artist should have produced tracks with his own way in my opinion. If I need to listen to TD, I would go and buy them directly why to buy Can Atilla.. He was generally named as a TD clone in EM platform, and this time it seems that he proved this expression..

    2006. Daniel Steinberg / Germany

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