Christopher Franke – Pacific coast highway


Released: 2012 By Sonic Images

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  1. Black Garden View
  2. Mountain Heights
  3. Lontano Mystery
  4. Big Sur Romance
  5. Drivng Into Blue
  6. Purple Waves
  7. Malibu Avenue
  8. Cinnamon City Cliff
  9. Wheels On Beach Park
  10. Sunset Destination
  11. Crystal Tree
  12. Electric Becomes Eclectic

First solo album. Melodic with great sequences

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  1. The Cosmic Frequencies / USA

    This CD was my first purchased from Groove years ago.Christopher Franke was a member of Tangerine Dream from 1970-1988.Franke’s first solo record upon leaving Tangerine Dream is a travelogue saluting the rugged, and often majestic, California coastline environs. Franke here has largely jettisoned his trademark sequencer labyrinths of yesteryear and instead substituted grand pianos, austere digital synthesizers and subtle percussive shadings.

    Driving Into Blue” uses digitized pianos to convey a sense of speed while commuting along white sandy shorelines. “Purple Waves” is an intimate work for synthetic voice choirs

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