Cosmic Ground – Cosmic Ground


Released: 2020 By F.D. Project

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  1. Legacy [14:07]
  2. Deadlock [16:23]
  3. Ground [33:24]
  4. The Plague [14:18]

Berlin School in the style of Rubycon and Phaedra. Highly recommended!! And now with Extra Bonus CD!!

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2 reviews for Cosmic Ground – Cosmic Ground

  1. Mark Van Slyke

    Evocative mini-soundtracks with electronic washes and unearthly rumblings. Veers more toward dark and ominous than new age” mystical. Sequencer work takes a while to fully kick in

  2. Michael Hodgson

    `Cosmic Ground’ is simply one of the best Berlin School-styled albums since the Seventies classics, recorded in the same manner, and anyone looking for more works in that style now have the perfect album to discover. Those who can make the time to properly listen to this album repeatedly and has the patience for the subtle electronic/ambient genre will relish this tantalizing work.

    2014. Michael Hodgson

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