Create – In the blink of an eye

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Released: 2009 By Groove Unlimited


  1. No inhibitions [22:44]MP3 soundclip of No inhibitions [3:00]
  2. In the blink of an eye [13:36]MP3 soundclip of In the blink of an eye [3:00]
  3. A glimmer of hope [12:50]
  4. Rise to the occasion [8:33]MP3 soundclip of Rise to the occasion [3:00]
  5. Collide [11:21]

Delicate rhythms and sequencers

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6 reviews for Create – In the blink of an eye

  1. LouLou / Prog-rsiste

    a doit tre quelque chose comme le 6me album pour Create, le pseudonyme derrire lequel se cache lAnglais Stephen Humphries. Avec In the Blink of an Eye, il continue dexplorer le monde des squences rythmes chres aux prcurseurs allemands et, plus proche de nous, ses compatriotes de VoLt.

    Deux pices enregistres live” en studio introduisent et concluent ce trs bon album. La premire

  2. Kristian Persson / Sweden

    Delicate rhythms and sequencers is the order of the day when you put this baby in the Cd player. Create is quite well known for their ability to invent dreamy/haunting yet bright and uptempo Tangerine Dream alike music, and proof on that can be heard already on their first record called ‘Reflections From The Inner Light’. They do continue, more or less Id say, in the same ‘Create sound’ but this time they have taken their creativity to a slightly higher level, and a very good example on that can be heard on tracks such as ‘Rise to the occasion & Collide’ which are stunning and marks Create at their finest hour. Incredibly haunting & inventive from start to finish.
    If you liked their earlier albums then you can’t go wrong with this title, as this is definitely among their best work along with ‘Reflections From The Inner Light’ & ‘From Earth To Mars’.

    The verdict is, if you like hypnotizing soundwords with a dash of good old TD sound and some haunting treats, then this is for you! And certainly for those who are familiar with Create‘s music already.
    A Keeper!

    2009. Kristian Persson / Sweden

  3. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

    After the bubbling and spectral Lost On An Island Of Adventure, Create continues its exploration of the rhythms, sometimes sober or complex, which respire in astral nebulosity. Masterised by Ron Boots, In The Blink Of An Eye is divided into 2 parts; one live studios and the other part in studio. An interesting approach, allowing us to seize the structural evolutions of Stephen Humphriess compositions.

    Lets start with the live parts. The opening of No Inhibitions is presenting with twisted waves undulating on circular reverberations. A lyrical synth, with fluty breaths, circulates in this static sound mass, adding a contrasting melody in a tide of biting sound effects which spit industrialized dusts. Towards the 4th minute, a heavy sequence appears from this sonorous fixation lighting up a rhythm to constant arcs which open with loudness on velvety stratums, brooding the movement of apocalyptic serenades.From then on, a superb parade of synthesized harmonies glance through this hopping rhythmic structure before re-crossing the initial atmospheric movement in middle-course, before taking back a more caustic rhythm on synths more acutenesses.
    Collisions present a more furtive, but rather heavy, sequential structure which the measure grows on a synth to multiple layers, as sedentary as fickle, where androgynous singing exercises flirt with brief harmonious inserts.
    The intro of In the Blink of the Eye, the title track, takes us out quite straight ahead from the bosoms of No Inhibitions. The rhythm settles down more quickly on a circular sequencer which waves among brief brightness of an untimely keyboard. The rhythm is heavy, wrapped by a synth to floating waves and waltzing stratums which surround a more aggressive structure, fed by robust solos which are getting lost in the multi-layers of a synth to aggressive colors in accordance with the sequential permutations. A good track with unexpected rhythmic turns, branded by Create unique synthesized tone.
    Quieter and slowly bring to daydreaming, A Glimmer of Hope floats on pealed chords, hemmed by a coiling synth. Fine percussions light up a rhythm which crescendoed out of breath, from a static rhythm fed by a biting synth to infernal loops which stagnate in a so electronic sea.
    Rise to the Occasion begins in a cosmos with mellotron choir. Fine rolling percussions breathe a light rhythm which forms a strange cha-cha, worthy of Klaus Schulze good movements.

    In the Blink of the Eye pursues the sound tradition of Create. An album with unpredictable rhythms which surprise so much by their permutations than their slow lascivious evolutions, in particular on Rise to the Occasion.
    A beautiful album which will please certainly to Create fans as well as Air Sculpture and Klaus Schulze. Which is completely new in the complex musical world of Stephen Humphries’s Create.

    2009. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

  4. Artemi Pugachov / Encyclopedia of Electronic Music

    A live-in-the-studio jam titled No Inhibitions” kicks off this newest album by Create aka Steve Humphries. There’s an atmospheric intro with all sorts of sharp synth sounds and a mournful Mellotron flute. A menacing bass sequence seeps through the web of pads and effects. More pulsations are added for what sounds like a rollercoaster of a track. What we then get are a few really fat and screaming solos. More resonant sequences are added as the tension gradually builds. The melodic themes are rather sparse but they are effective nonetheless. The sequences subside around the 11-minute mark

  5. Paul Rijkens

    Welcome once again in the electronic world of Create”. This is how Englishman Steve Humphries opens the booklet of his new cd “In The Blink Of An Eye” under his artistname Create. Steves world is deeply rooted within the Berlin School style of electronic music. This is a style in which he became a well known and household name during the last years. He does this solo as Create

  6. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    Steve Humphries is back with five new electronic music excursions, beginning with the 22-minute retro epic No Inhibitions.” Filter sweeps

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