Create – Reflections from the inner light

 7,90 10,00

Released: 2004 By Groove Unlimited


  1. Narissa [13:29]MP3 soundclip of Narissa [3:00]
  2. Dark Skies [6:51]
  3. Touching the Void [14:02]MP3 soundclip of Touching the void [3:00]
  4. Medusa [4:34]
  5. Surface Control [9:15]
  6. Downside Up [7:47]MP3 soundclip of Downside up [3:00]
  7. Kaleid [12:51]
  8. Chasing the One [9:37]

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8 reviews for Create – Reflections from the inner light

  1. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space magazine

    Create is one of the newest members of the EM scene, Steve Humphries from the UK. The opening track Narissa” is a tribute to Airsculpture and Steve does an admirable job of paying homage to them.
    The atmospheric beginning

  2. John Garaguso / Progressive Soundscapes Radio

    I just wanted to write, and tell you that your new CD, Reflections From The Inner Light, is simply magnificent.
    I’ve been playing tracks from it regularly on my station for a few weeks now, and this evening we aired it in it’s entirety. The listeners absolutely love it.
    Personally I think it’s just absolutely incredible.
    Though there are obvious similarities to what everyone calls the Berlin-School era of electronics” the feel and sound of this disc is very contemporary and breathes with a vibrancy

  3. Artemi Pugachov / Encyclopedia of Electronic Music

    Although Reflections From the Inner Light was realized via software means only, Stephen really stretches the limits of his instrumentation on this release, creating an album of well crafted Berlin School EM.

    Narissa” starts with mysterious synth chords that

  4. Eduardo Fontana

    It always is pleasant to listen to well elaborated, varied sounds, giving the impression that the musician possesses an excellent mastery of his instruments.
    In Reflections from the Inner Light”

  5. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

    This release from 2004 features 78 minutes of languid Berlin School electronics.
    Create is the brainchild of British synthesist Stephen Humphries.

    Soothing electronic textures usher the audience from the real world into a realm of glistening unreality. As cyclic sequencing emerges, the harmonic flow coalesces with gentle substance. Sounds thicken without amassing weight, marshaling the appearance of an escalation of velocity and the introduction of a core theme. Additional patterns join the mix, some of them surfacing to function as cybernetic rhythms.A shriller definition enters the flow, achieving a state of electrified puissance that pulses with an inner verve. Softly muffled percussion provides an understated cushion to support the manner in which everything else surges with tempered animation.
    Waves of artificial surf gurgle and bubble amid a mounting harmonic, very reminiscent of early Klaus Schulze. This gives birth to a luxuriant structure of repetitious loops which eventually lose their redundancy and forge off to generate fresh patterns of lustrous design. Each new riff embodies its own radiance, and as these newborn specimens cluster, the melodies pursue collateral essences.

    Interesting tidbit: although this music sounds like its full of mellotrons and analogue synthis, Humphries generates everything using software.

    2005. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

  6. berlinschuler / Santa Fe New Mexico

    There is a wonderful new UK artist called Create who is doing great things for all sequencer fanatics out there.
    His album Reflections From The Inner Light” on Groove is superb. Very Klaus Schulze/Bernd Kistenmacher so if you like those artists you’ll love this music!

    2005. berlinschuler / Santa Fe New Mexico

  7. Fred Puhan / Ambient Visions

    Sometimes it seems like a gem will just fall into your lap. That’s the case with Reflections From the Inner Light, the first cd from the artist who calls himself Create. This cd, released on the Groove Unlimited label, further enhances the reputation of this already-venerable EM label.
    Create (the nom-de-plume of Stephen Humphries) introduces the cd in the lines notes simply by saying it is his first official” cd and that it represents “the music of the retro Berlin school.”

  8. Jim Brenholts

    In the liner notes of Reflections from the Inner Light, Steve Humphries, a.k.a. Create, states This CD represents my first official CD and the music of the retro Berlin school.” For a Berlin school album

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