David Wright – Beyond the Airwaves Vol. 1


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  1. Drifting In [3:57]
  2. Gravity Waves [7:02]
  3. ISEE3 [2:35]
  4. Forward Motion [8:00]
  5. Strange Inventions [9:09]
  6. Dream FM [9:40]
  7. Stratos [6:53]
  8. Penumbra [4:26]
  9. The Gift [6:34]
  10. Acheron [5:26]
  11. Cest la Vie [8:19]
  12. Partial Eclipse [5:40]

A wonderful new release by David Wright.

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2 reviews for David Wright – Beyond the Airwaves Vol. 1

  1. Sylvain Lupari / gutsofdarkness.com & synthsequences.blogspot.ca

    More than 25 years after Reflections, and 25 albums farther, David Wright always thrones at the top of the English electronic sphere. Navigating always on the streams of controversy from the criticisms and his peers (is it EM or New Age), the famous English musician disregards these comments and keeps the cape on an EM which seems to have neither ages nor borders. Beyond the Airwaves Vol 1 is built on 4 themes which show the great ease of David Wright to pass from a style to another one while keeping this melodic flame which characterizes his compositions. Three of these segments are some unreleased music that the musician of Kent has performed during concerts he gave between 2012 and 2013, while the last phase hides around 30 minutes of a deep reworking of the last segment of his classic; Walking with Ghosts. An album which, you will hear, is not that much far from this timeless classic.

    Winds carrier of birds’ singings, of stars and of murmurs of the goddesses push Drifting In” up to the tributaries of our ears. The tone is ethereal and David Wright’s sonic wealth is increasing quite slowly with ill-assorted noises which spread a veil a bit dramatic. The hoops and the curtains of cosmic pearls pull the ambiences towards the delicate wave-like harmonies of “Gravity Waves”. Muffled pulsations caress these oniric undulations while that other pulsations

  2. Vueloquimico / Espaa

    La musia que viene desarrollando David Wright, no deja indiferente a nadie.Sin lugar a dudas,las composiciones de David Wright,vienen siendo todo un descubrimiento,enraizando si cabe mas,el estilo inconfundible a que nos viene acostumbrando esre musico.

    Sin lugar a dudas,David Wright constata y se reatifica en esa sencillez de melodias entretejiendo un variopinto panel de matices sonoros que hacen,de cada trabajo publicafo,toda una sinfona de imaginativos viajes cosmicos,por donde dejar volar nuestra imaginacin.Que mejor momento para celebrar sus aos en la ME.para deleitarnos con estas piezas llenas de magia,misterio y fantasia.

    Enhorabuena a David Wright por tantos momentos musicales extraordinarios.Felicidades y que contine cautivandonos con su inestimable musica.

    2014. Vueloquimico / Espaa

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