David Wright – Continuum


Released: 2004 By AD Music

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  1. Dark Matter
  2. Continuum
  3. Bridge of Souls
  4. Island of Flight
  5. CassiniMP3 soundclip of Cassini [3:00]

Space music in the style of Peter Mergener

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2 reviews for David Wright – Continuum

  1. Edgar Kogler

    The suggestive combination of oniric textures and space brush-strokes David Wright bases the creation of this album on, constitutes a true treasure trove.
    According to this and other approaches, the composer succeeds in shaping a work with a strong power of evocation, which will be liked by the usual followers of Melodic Ambient, the most symphonic side of Space Music, or the most ethereal trend of Synth-Pop.

    2004. Edgar Kogler

  2. Dave Griffith

    Alongside his involvement within Code Indigo, David Wrights solo work has also been excellent (particularly so on the BLUE set) and CONTINUUM is no exception. Although its unmistakably a David Wright album, his followup to the well received WALKING WITH GHOSTS is a noticeable change in direction, in many ways harking back to the classic synth music of the 70s, yet still retaining a modern approach to the rhythms and textures. Davids characteristic use of samples is also less in evidence than on recent releases, being limited to a few well-judged vocal samples and some brief excerpts from NASA recordings.
    CONTINUUM comprises five compositions, ranging from 11 to 22 minutes in length, which move between contrasting light and dark moods.

    The album opens with one of the two dark numbers, aptly titled Dark Matter, which wouldnt be at all out of place on TIMECODE>INDIGO. It features occasional female vocal samples and a haunting piano motif over a totally infectious bass rhythm. Current Code Indigo band member, Dave Massey assisted with the rhythm programming and sequencing on this (and a couple of others). His input injects a fresh and slight dance feel to the rhythms which complements David (Ws) melodies beautifully. (This association has since come to fruition in the Callisto project).
    The lengthy title track follows

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