David Wright – Fade


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1. Android Caravan
2. Shadows of the past prt 1
3. Elimmire
4. Shadows of the past prt 2
5. Sleeper at the gates of Dawn
6. Crossing the treshhold
7. Transitions
8. Safe Harbour
9. Return to Asgard
10. Transmission Red
11. Planet nine
12. Rogue
13. Observational Bias
14. Fade

“It is a wondrous thing to be able to remove oneself from reality and create music. To journey to a universe of your own creation where not even you, as it’s author, can recall what transpired. Or to know how you achieved what you accomplished or have even the slightest recollection of the journey. Your only memory is, the music”. © David Wright 2024

‘Fade’ is a musical odyssey blending all the elements we have come to know and love in David Wright’s music. The result is an album that drifts between the waves of gentle ambience and the dynamism of pulsating sequences. Gentle passages caress the listener, then strong rhythmic passages tease with a wonderful and evolving combination of styles peppered by a gorgeous array of synths, gentle pads and effects. But more than anything, ‘Fade’ is an album of emotional reflection channeling David’s many influences.

The short and rhythmic ‘Android Caravan’ opens the album before the 3 suites; ‘Shadows’, ‘Sleeper at the Gates of Dawn’ and ‘Transmission Red’ take us on a cosmic journey through classic electronic music styles. There are echoes of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze here, yes, even a nod to Pink Floyd. But this is very much a ‘David Wright’ album, with his delicate and evocative sensibilities and style very much to the fore.

Nothing is rushed; gentle and evolving intros laced with mysterious beauty highlight the three longer tracks, which are broken down into shorter segments to give 14 tracks in total. Haunting passages are intertwined with hypnotic and evolving sequences that move between gentle rhythmic motion and powerful sequences and rhythms.

‘Fade’ incorporates all the best elements of David Wright’s thematic new age and electronic space music. An album that will appeal to fans old and new.

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