Edgar Froese – Aqua


Released: 1974 By Eastgate Music

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  1. Aqua
  2. Panorphelia
  3. NGC 891
  4. Upland


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3 reviews for Edgar Froese – Aqua

  1. andy / uk

    Far better than the original, which went nowhere and did nothing. So anything is an improvement. Music is music and you either like it or don’t

    2006. andy / uk

  2. J Deller / UK

    What I cant understand about people’s opinions is that they expect us all to have the mentality of an obsessive collector who wishes to have multiple copies of the same music for the sheer joy of comparing barcodes and CD cover differences.
    I for one do not want this, and Edgar Froese gives us the opportunity to hear a different realization of *his* work.Of course its most likely so he can benefit from getting full royalties rather than the tiny % the labels who own the originals would pass on.Good for him I say! and good for us who are happy to hear another version.

    2006. J Deller / UK

  3. M. Brum / Portugal

    Why has Froese decided to rerecord and update the sound of this ambient classic is beyond me. If he is expecting to gain new fans by truly destroying the ambience of the title track (by adding percussion effects) i have my doubts. Aqua is one of the proto ambient works of the last century on pair with classics such as Discreet Music, Music for Airports or Mirage, just to name a few. Approach this rerecording with extreme caution. At least Mr. Schulze is showing some respect towards his fans with his series of rereleases. A work of art doesnt belong entirely to its creator Mr. Froese, theres a whole legacy to keep in mind.

    2006. M. Brum / Portugal

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