Elektronische Maschine – Das Netz


Released: 1999 By Elektronische Maschine

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1/ Das Netz (club/radio version) [5:01]
2/ The Pursuit (album version) [6:16]
3/ Electro feelings [5:12]
4/ Industrial [4:35]
5/ Synthetic [5:06]
6/ D.J.’s Dinner [5:22]
7/ Groove Unlimited [4:31]
8/ Analog/Digital (remake) [4:30]
9/ Das Netz (album version) [4:09]
10/ Trance Machine [3:23]
11/ The Pursuit (club/radio version) [3:59]

‘Das Netz’ is simply another excellent and impressive release from this Dutch trio that easily mirrors the style and quality of their previous releases. Easily a release and above all a band that will be welcomed with open arms by those with an interest and affection for this style of purist Kraftwerk influenced Electronic Pop.
But, don’t look upon Elektronische Maschine as just another Kraftwerk clone, they are clearly too good to just be placed in the shadow of Kraftwerk.
‘Das Netz’ will easily be among one of the better Electro Pop albums you will hear this year, highly recommended.

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