Elektronische Maschine – Kampf Maschine


Released: 2010 By Elektronische Maschine

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  1. Prologue (the encounter)
  2. Apathetic
  3. Going underground
  4. The MeetingMP3 soundclip of The meeting [1:00]
  5. Das Material
  6. The Production Line
  7. Kampfansage
  8. Kampf MaschineMP3 soundclip of Kampf maschine [1:00]
  9. The Report
  10. Victory
  11. Epilogue

    Bonus tracks:

  12. Electro DanceMP3 soundclip of Electro dance [1:00]
  13. Das Material (dance version)
  14. The Report (dance version)

Dance, emotion, power and movement

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1 review for Elektronische Maschine – Kampf Maschine

  1. Michael Malais / The Netherlands

    As a result of 7 years of hard labor the Dutch formation Elektronische Maschine has produced its 5th album Kampf Maschine, published by the German label IntraPOP.Trademark of the early works of Elektronische Maschine was melodic, dance floor friendly music. KAMPF MASCHINE is exploring the dark side of the electronic music with emphasis on heavy beats. Notable is the use of international original voices and vocals (no samples) by more than 14 different persons (USA, UK, Ukraine, Germany and The Netherlands).
    This new album is distinguished by the authentic unique sounds, produced by sound artist Jaap van Woerkom. Composer Richard de Boer has united all this to into a thrilling piece of work. The icing on the cake is the mastering by Eroc. The result is a clear, dynamic and danceable album.

    Remarkable is that Kampf Maschine is a concept album. All tracks are fused into each other forming one continuous piece of music to be considered as a movie without images. Theme of the album is the permanent struggle against mediocrity, which in all its aspects can be observed effortless around us. Moderateness in stead of quality.In the field of music Elektronische Maschine is annoyed by the excessive exposure of the musical styles R&B and rap.In short the album unfolds the following story:an attack on the complete population is taking place by an entity called R&Bs. An isolated group called the EBMs is acting underground. By building a fighting machine (Kampf Maschine) out of the basic material Mymensinq a battle against the EBMs is organized out of which the R&Bs are decimated.

    Next to the impressive musical repertoire Elektronische Maschine unfolds on stage an eye-catching, outstanding live act.

    2011. Michael Malais / The Netherlands

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