Eric van der Heijden – Da capo

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Released: 1998 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Tempo Rubato – GuesstimateMP3 soundclip of Tempo Rubato [3:00]
  2. Berceuse Dolce – Field of Dreams
  3. Andante Volante – Walking on a Cloud
  4. Da Capo – The Light BeyondMP3 soundclip of Da Capo [3:01]
  5. Coda Piccolo – A Tiny TaleMP3 soundclip of Coda Piccolo [3:00]
  6. Attacca Con Brio – AC Powered
  7. Futura Immacolata – The Innocence of Tomorrow
  8. Crescendo a Due – Evolution for Two
  9. En Log – Testosterony’s Epilog

Melodic, romantic

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4 reviews for Eric van der Heijden – Da capo

  1. E-Mix

    Eric is a long-time collaborator with Kees Aerts and Ron Boots, who helped to produce and engineer, of Groove Unlimited, but this is his first solo CD release in seven years, a new beginning (hence Da Capo”) partly due to his having moved studios half way through production.

    So every track title has a special meaning to Eric

  2. Jim Brenholts

    Da Capo the Light Beyond is Eric van der Heijdens second solo CD. It came out seven years after his first release. During that time he has been cutting his teeth with some of Europes finest electronicians. He collaborated on several tracks for Grooves Truth series. He has also appeared in concert with Ron Boots, Kees Aerts, Ian Boddy and Harold van der Heijden (his cousin), among others.

    This CD is evidence that he has been paying attention. The disc is primarily a symphonic synthesizer set with plenty of melodic and pastoral washes and a deep drone to augment the soundscape. While each of the eight tracks tells its own story about Erics values, wants and needs, the subtle drone and the orchestral passages give the CD symphonic qualities. Thus, each piece is a movement. They represent unique stages in Erics personal and artistic development. The CD also represents the diversity of the Groove Unlimited catalogue. Their repertoire covers the gamut from heavy Berlin school sequences to atmospheric minimalism and to symphonic synthesizers.

    This is a worthy and integral piece of that discography.

    2001. Jim Brenholts

  3. Frank Arellano

    Well, I knew before that ‘Da Capo’ was quite good, particularly the title track, but I happened to have gone back and played it in its entirety again and couldn’t believe I had overlooked some of the other gems that were on this CD! All I can say is that this is one of those fantastic CD’s that’s out there! Lots of melody combined with the feel and of power of an orchestra.

    Highly recommended to anyone who likes their EM sweet and powerful! All I can say is WOW !! It’s been spinning continuous all last night and today.

    2002. Frank Arellano

  4. Bert Strolenberg

    Eric van der Heijden almost worked 7 years to complete this 2nd CD: the classic romantically inspired Da Capo”.

    A lot of personal feelings and moods can be heard throughout the album

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