Erik Wollo + Byron Metcalf – Earth Luminous


Released: 2016 By Projekt

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  1. Days Of Magic [8:50]
  2. Light And Ground [7:58]
  3. Far Wandered [8:36]
  4. Valley Of Spheres [8:27]
  5. Distant Future [7:53]
  6. Diomedea [8:48]
  7. Earth Luminous [7:26]
  8. Linked Stars [5:21]

Ambient music at its best!!

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1 review for Erik Wollo + Byron Metcalf – Earth Luminous

  1. Sylvain Lupari / &

    Byron Metcalf and Erik Wollo are two iconic figures of an EM which sculptures an lyrical tribal vision but in two fundamentally different approaches. If the one is a percussionist without equal with a propensity for rhythms of the fires of the Earth, the other one is more a sonic nomad who likes lugging around his panoramas of ice through a beautiful fusion of synth/guitar on electronic rhythms weaved in sequences sometimes peaceful and other times charmingly rebels. Both have a point in common; the eerie atmospheres with shiny strata which wind the drumming of the percussions or the soft flux of sequences. Thus we are entitled to hope for an album which was going to link two universes of which the distances will gather into an at least particular symbiosis. Well chase away the doubts! Earth Luminous exceeds the highest expectations with a strong album where the permutations of the rhythms, sometimes tribal, ambient or of fire, forged by the percussions and the sequences reach a top that I still haven’t heard to date in the genre. It’s the kind of thing that is a total surprise. And who doesn’t like to be surprised?

    Days of Magic” begins this enchanting adventure by a soft ambient approach where Byron Metcalf proposes delicate beatings which are of use as rampart to a beautiful fusion of tears and laments coming from this unique approach of Erik Wollo on synth and guitar. Some seraphic murmurs accompany this soft astral journey which is slightly shaken at times by more noisy percussions. The rhythm is as soft like these desert ballads so well drawn by Steve Roach in Western Spaces. It starts things well and we are in the well known grounds of Wollo here

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