ERIK WØLLO – Cloud of Strings


Released 2023 – release date 6-10-2023 Projekt

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01 Rainshine
02 Windsong
03 Avalon
04 Cloud of Strings
05 From Ground to Sky
06 Ruralis
07 Motion Picture
08 Ecotopia
09 Memory Ocean
10 Interlude Duet
11 End of an Era
12 Snowfall

After many years and many electronic music albums, Norway’s Erik Wøllo returns home, in a sense,
on Cloud of Strings. Created on an assemblage of acoustic guitars, his 14th Projekt
solo album sees Wøllo explore the instrument he first loved.

It’s an album of twelve melodic moods — an intimate collection showcasing a fresh perspective
on Wøllo’s artistic range and versatility. With reflections of his previous critically acclaimed guitar-
music albums — Guitar Nova (1998) and Blue Sky, Red Guitars (2004) — Wøllo imaginatively
combines intricate finger picking patterns and sweet-sounding themes with dreamy and enchan-
ting processing for a sparkling change of pace. Erik masterfully manipulates the strings with
elevated clouds of dulcet layered sound. It is musical spellwork driven by clear and resonant
acoustic melody.

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