Erik Wollo – Silver beach


Released: 1987 By Margen Magazine

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  1. Four [5:40]
  2. Panorama [5:02]
  3. The Open Room [2:16]
  4. Journey [6:32]
  5. The Emeralds [5:16]
  6. Crystal – Ice [4:42]
  7. Dark Eyed Drums [6:39]
  8. Silver Beach [3:36]MP3 soundclip of Silver beach [3:00]
  9. Little Big Tune [3:38]
  10. Mountain Train [5:14]

    Bonus tracks:

  11. Recitation [4:09]
  12. Chime [3:33]
  13. Wintergarden Ethereal [4:16]
  14. Lakeside [3:10]
  15. Sequenza [7:08]

Incl. 30 mins of unreleased material

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1 review for Erik Wollo – Silver beach

  1. Erik Wollo

    Silver Beach is my third album and represented a new direction in my career in 1987. More rhythmic and rock orientated than what I previously had done.
    Originally most of this music was composed when I was living in a small flat in the center of Oslo, Norway. I remember I had the studio in a corner of the living room. Like Traces (my second album in 1985), all music was electronic and made using the latest MIDI technology at that time.
    When I remastered the album I tried to keep the spirit of the originals. And at the same time I wanted to add certain elements to make it more complete. All my albums represents a chapter in my live. In many ways the music reflects how to live in a particular time. And different musical styles come and go. But I have always tried to find my own way.
    Silver Beach has been out of print for a long time. A lot of people have asked me where to get it. This inspired me to make a new and updated version.
    Here it is again. Enjoy!

    2004. Erik Wollo

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