Sphäre Sechs (Martin Stürtzer & Christian Stritzel) – Extradimension

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Released: 2022 By Martin Stürtzer

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  1. Dimensional Rift – 06:02
  2. Continuum – 08:30
  3. Shiftspace – 07:00
  4. Infinite Permutations – 07:42
  5. High Energy Collision – 08:06
  6. Protostar Evolution – 08:28

Sphäre Sechs (Martin Stürtzer & Christian Stritzel) returns with Extradimension, an evocative journey through dark space and otherworldly soundscapes. Recorded live using a Theremin alongside a collection of analog and digital instruments, Extradimension captures a raw and expressive energy, invoking the spirit of performance and creativity of these two musicians, who have been working together since 2001.

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1 review for Sphäre Sechs (Martin Stürtzer & Christian Stritzel) – Extradimension

  1. Bert Strolenberg – SonicImmersion.org

    The majority of the music of talented German composer Martin Stürtzer happens in the moment as he improvises live or during studio sessions, something also applying to the darker shaded ambient he makes as Sphäre Sechs with his musical companion Christian Stritzel.

    The non-rhythmic soundscape music of the 45-minute “Extradimension” extends further on the quality stuff of the band’s previous releases, journeying deep into far off places in the cosmos with captivating, at times hypnotizing and dream-infusing drone tapestries dressed abundantly with gentle, spacey overtones. These lovely, rich and occasionally even soothing textural layers transmute series of interstellar wonders along various galactic atmospheres, giving a voice to otherworldly realms in a most tasty manner. It simply makes “Extradimension” another must-have for serious ambient enthusiasts like me who love to dwell in deep space.

    Rating: between 3.5 and 4 stars.

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