Food for Fantasy – Fresh food


Released: 2010 By kuSpheric Music

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  1. Living In Amerika [9:33]
  2. Lost Dreams [6:37]
  3. Electric Structures [6:26]
  4. Food Hunter [11:11]
  5. Once Upon A Time [8:26]
  6. The Universal Drive [5:33]
  7. Flying Objects [6:24]
  8. It Doesn’t Matter [6:12]
  9. Motion [6:38]
  10. True Fairytales [5:36]

F4F manages to combine modern chill out sounds and lounge beats with spacey synth sounds to create a fantastic atmosphere

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

    Since that Robert Schroeder discovered the enjoyments, and complexities, of its new electronic toys, he enjoys producing glittering albums both on sound level and styles. Fresh Food is Food 4 Fantasy 3rd opus of the series. And if the 2 first ones touched lightly strong rhythms varied and flavoured by an electronic approach closer to the roots of Double Fantasy and Berlin School, this 3rd CD takes a more serene tangent where guitars so caustic and rhythms so stormy on the opening are leak away in a Latino romanticism which disconcerts more that it charms. In fact, Food For Fantasy undertakes a new romantic crusade, abandoning little by little the groovy and electronic Californian rhythms by an even more romantic approach of the Latinos rhythms.

    Living in Amerika is one of the rare tracks to possess a Berlin School spirit with its mysterious intro filled with dark choirs, with hardly audible murmurs, of which the foggy floats on pulsations and percussions which become entangled, moulding a crossed pace wrapped by a synth with shivering layers. A finely syncopated line, of which notches shake a nervous rhythm, elicit a tempo whose constants permutations are bitten by a heavy guitar which borders Mind Over Matter‘s territories with its solos and powerful riffs. Sometimes hard and rock, other times soft and ethereal Living in Amerika navigates between a syncopated circular structure and a linear one slightly skipping in an ambiance stuffed of cosmic sound effects.
    A very good track with riffs and guitar solos heavily chiseled, as on Lost Dreams whom offers an almost hip-hop pattern with its pulsations encircled by a lumbering bass line a bit sensual, settled on rolling percussions and cymbals. Guitar solos roar and astride sweet mellotron strata, giving though an electronic dimension to this cosmic hip-hop.
    A heavy reverberation wakes Electric Structures who stirs on a hesitating rhythm, invades that he is by a thick cloud of strata and tortuous tearing of a surgical guitar. The more the track progresses, the more it embraces a heavy rhythmic structure supported by tribal percussions, a purring bass and sequences which flicker around a nervous keyboard and a wild sound fauna.
    Food Hunter offers a beautiful romantic respite with a forsaken guitar of which the hybrid sonority of its crossed chords bites a structure always so ambivalent, fed by percussions with metallic jingles, a bass line with flowing notes, a tribal xylophone and sensual sighs.
    With Ounce Upon A Time we are diving into a more techno universe with good percussions and a bass line which draw a sustained tempo. A hypnotic beat surrounded by chords and solos of Ashra Temple guitar style as well as sinuous and strange strata of a synth which scroll in circles around an exhilarating track filled of nostalgic fragrances. Another very good track on Fresh Food!
    The Universal Drive clears a more serene ambiance with its synth strata imprint by childish chorus which sing among circular reverberations and on alight rhythmic structure, traced on a sober and sustained bass line, as well as moderate percussions with xylophone hits. A simplistic track of which the absence of guitars is off-key on an album where the main spirit is justly wild guitar.
    Very heterogeneous Flying Objects is as strange as the reach of its title. The tempo is imprecise and is basing itself on pulsations which are assisted by bass-drum hits. The guitar floats in a stellar nebulosity clouded by layers of a prismatic synth which swallows random notes of a Gttsching style guitar. Yes, a track as odd as its reach on a tempo which stagnates in a cosmos as foreign as unknown.
    It Doesn’t Matter is Fresh Food 2nd quiet track. It also establishes a strange climate of serenity which will wrap Fresh Food in an atmosphere where rhythms become less heavy and the atmospheres more serene, as a kind of Latino or Flamingo New Age. Firmly plunked, notes of an acoustic guitar court a cosmic samba where synth strata prevail in a Latino ambiance, quite as the languishing Motion where we have the feeling that the arrogance of Phil Molto‘s guitars (aka Robert Schroeder) is swallowed by soft synth pads asleep by soft murmur of a night muse.
    True Fairytales concludes this curious Food For Fantasy‘s opus with an approach still very near the Latino soils. Nervous the tempo wipes soft atmospheric permutations where winds blow in a shimmered atmosphere, helped by a synth with swirling layers and solos while, discreet, a guitar with plunked notes flows into anonymity and limbo, following this little bit disconcerting progression of Fresh Food.

    Is Fresh Food disappointing? For certain fans of Food For Fantasy, their change of cape can destabilize, even disappointed. If groovy and electronic meshing is less present, the approach of F4F nevertheless respects its progress with a Caribbean flavor, but on more inspired of suave and languishing Latin rhythms. Everything is a question of taste. But tracks such as Living in Amerika, Food Hunter, Once Upon A Time and Flying Objects are transitory tracks to Food For Fantasy‘s of the carnival progression.

    2010. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

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