Geigertek – Timeless Mind


Released: 2006 By AD Music

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  1. The Stirring Of Echoes [5:32]
  2. Passing [6:33]
  3. What Dreams May Come [7:20]
  4. Until The End Of Time [6:38]
  5. In Another Light [9:04]
  6. The Embrace Of Eternity [13:13]
  7. The Timeless Mind [5:31]
  8. Spirit-Walking [5:18]
  9. The Gift Of Goodbye [3:03]

Exciting mixture of EM with its roots firmly in the melodic and romantic

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    Neil Fellowes (Indigo Code, Callisto and Trinity) is the man behind Geigertek. A musical project where the structures espouse various facets in accordance with influences very diversified of Neil Fellowes, which go from John Foxx to Billy Currie, while passing by Ultravox, Gary Numan and Enigma, as well as Isao Tomita, Erik Satie and David Wright. These influences get transpose on The Timeless Mind where the 9 tracks evolve in ambivalent structures. Structures where curt, unbridled and hyper rhythms precede or outstrip cosmic or ethereal ambiances. Ambiances and rhythms fed by nice melodies, arrangements and incursions of a divinely poignant piano.

    Hanging back, The Stirring of Echoes” voyages between its rhythms and ambiances. It starts with a lugubrious synth wave which roars and pushes hesitating limpid chords to migrate towards a more melodious approach. We expect a rhythm which is going to hatched with an amalgamation of nervous percussions to flittering

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