Gert Emmens – A boy’s world

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Released: 2007 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. School’s Out [10:40]MP3 soundclip of School`s out [3:00]
  2. Gaming part 1: Battles are Won and Lost [21:26]
  3. Life Around The Sand Castle [9:55]MP3 soundclip of Life around the sand castle [3:00]
  4. Gaming part 2: The Quest [20:32]MP3 soundclip of The quest [3:00]
  5. Adolescent Behaviour [10:48]
  6. Nothing Lasts Forever [5:28]

Great sequencing and excellent soloing

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7 reviews for Gert Emmens – A boy’s world

  1. Erwin Broers / Belgium

    I fully agree with the previous reviews. There’s no doubt that Gert knows how to make beautiful, smooth, warm electronic music with some very decent soloing too (which cannot be said of all contemporary retro” acts !). Unfortunately

  2. LouLou / Prog-rsiste

    Si vous tes lecteur rgulier de cette rubrique, vous savez que Gert EMMENS est une valeur sre de le-music Depuis Wanderer of Time, le synthtiste hollandais aligne les albums de rfrence comme les perles dun collier. Mais contrairement sa production habituelle, il a choisi une source dinspiration beaucoup moins irrelle et plus proche de lui puisque cest son fils de 12 ans, prnomm Frank, dont il dcrit le monde. Mais cest l la seule entorse son ordinaire puisque les six compositions qui forment A Boys World sont aussi riches, puissantes, superbes que celles de ses prcdents opus.

    Emmens reste un matre incontest des longues squences en perptuelle mutation, privilgiant les notes basses, sur lesquelles il vient plaquer ses divines mlodies. Emmens mle avec une science consomme les sonorits modernes avec les accords venus dun autre ge (dans la famille Moog, je demande le Memory-, le Mini-, lOpus3 , le Prodigy, the Source et le taurus Mk1).

    Bref, A Boys World est nouveau un grand cru du clavier batave. Si le-music fait partie de vos musiques de prdilection, nhsitez pas une seule seconde.

    2010. LouLou / Prog-rsiste

  3. Scott Raymond

    Gert Emmens was inspired by his young son, and his new album is upbeat electronics, and very playful.

    2007. Scott Raymond

  4. Roberto Vales / Ultima Fronteira

    Nuevo trabajo del compositor holands Gert Emmens, un hombre, que recrea fascinantes mundos electrnicos a travs de las secuencias como en su anterior trabajo Tale Of The Warlock”.
    La msica secuencial sigue viva gracias a msicos como Gert Emmens

  5. Dene Bebbington

    There’s so much electronic music out there that even for a reviewer it’s possible to encounter established artists for the first time. That’s the case for me and Gert Emmens – his latest album A Boy’s World is my introduction to his music. Being released on the Groove label it’s not surprising to discover this is a sequencing based album. One of the better ones I’m happy to report.
    I get the impression that this album is an ode to the innocence and imagination of childhood. Exemplifying this is a great CD cover of a sailing ship with a castle built on it.

    It’s off to an uplifting start in School’s Out” where a to-and-fro melodic rhythm

  6. Edgar Kogler

    The music by Gert Emmens is a fresh fusion of Space Music with Synth-Pop and touches of Jazz. The style, electronic, agile and with a liberal use of sequencers, enhances the warm, emotive atmospheres, that appear in many passages of the compositions, and is likewise useful as a vehicle for imaginative ideas.
    Inspired by his 12 year old son Frank, the composer presents the six themes of his album like chapters in a story, in a certain way.

    2008. Edgar Kogler

  7. Serge Kozlovsky

    Gert Emmens is a strong melodist. As you listen to his A Boys World” album you can easily drift away to an unknown distant land. And it looks so beautiful! It is a land of endless plains and primeval forests. It is a country of steep rocks and formidable castles which thrust their pointed towers to the sky.The music of Gert Emmens is filled with poetry and flights of fancy. It is great for those who want to look away from everyday anxieties and stay alone with ones own imagination and creativity.
    “A Boys World” is a perfect example of modern electronic music.

    2007. Serge Kozlovsky

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