Green Isac – Groundrush


Released: 2001 By Spotted Peccary Music

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  1. Groundrush [5:54]
  2. Wasa [4:31]MP3 soundclip of Wasa [3:00]
  3. Sufi too [5:11]
  4. Glue one [3:52]
  5. GmbH [4:35]
  6. Red guitar [3:58]
  7. Is there any doubt in your mind? [4:02]
  8. Hertz [2:37]
  9. Caravan [4:51]
  10. Mifune [5:32]
  11. Miner [3:37]
  12. Fleetwood [2:02]

Trance dance rhythms underscore melodic motives

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  1. Bill Binkelman / Wind And Wire

    Groundrush is a rush! Laced with polyrhythmic beats galore on what sounds like a huge arsenal of both acoustic and electronic percussion, the CD is a groove fest of primal energy….And the unique mixture of beats and melodies certainly kicks some certifiable ass! … Pretty damn impressive!…This is a shatteringly original piece of work from Green IsacGroundrush has moved to near the top of my list of favorite ethno-tribal recordings, alongside such classics as Undercurrents in Dark Water (o yuki conjugate), Soma (Steve Roach and Robert Rich) and All Our Ancestors (Tuu). If you are a fan of those albums, then acquiring this CD by Green Isac needs to be a high priority for you. It is that good a CD. Trust me.

    2002. Bill Binkelman / Wind And Wire

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