Javi Canovas – Red metal


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  1. Circadian Rhythms [5:04]
  2. Radiometry [6:19]
  3. Conmutation Q [4:02]
  4. Cibercafe [4:56]
  5. Dark Memory System [4:26]
  6. Liquid Crystal [5:40]
  7. Circadian Algorhythm [7:26]MP3 soundclip of Circadian algorhythm [1:39]
  8. Red Metal [3:46]
  9. Sphinx [4:02]
  10. Radar [10:20]
  11. Voices in the Space [5:06]
  12. Epilogue [3:04]

Rich sounds and spacey atmospheres

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2 reviews for Javi Canovas – Red metal

  1. Geoffrey Mason / United Kingdom

    ‘Circadian Rhythms’ is a fantastic start to this 12 track album, it has percussive rhythms, sequences aplenty and a very catchy tune that is reminiscent of Jean-Michel Jarre. It has a repeating melody and also reminds me of Kraftwerk-style synth-pop, it is so catchy!!! What a start!!! ‘Radiometry’ starts with a xylophone sounding rhythm and atmospherics then a new rhythm is introduced. This piece is more chilled but enough is going on to keep you interested, I imagined tiny sea creatures going on an amazing journey. Very nice. ‘Commutation Q’ is a deep ambient piece and congures a vision of being in a huge dark cavern underwater. Dark and eerie! ‘Cibercafe’ starts with a building sequencer frenzy echoing in stereo from ear to ear. This is head-nodding body-moving stuff! I imagine robots in an automaton factory, effects come and go and what a fantastic melody line. Wow! ‘Dark Memory System’ starts briefly with dark ambient atmos’ closely followed by a rhythm and immediately a rapid sequence bursts through. This track builds with anticipation, then finally it morphs into a fadeout. Excellent track again. ‘Liquid Crystal’ starts with an ominous feel, you feel that you are in an awesome but scary place of foreboding doom. It continues as if part of a sci-fi soundtrack. Nice one Javi! ‘Circadian Algorhythm’ starts with atmos’ and building notes, then a great Kraftwerk-style mix of melody, rhythms and effects much similar in same vein as the first track. There is so much positivity here I cannot choose a favourite track now. It would be unfair to even try! Wonderful track! ‘Red Metal’ has that deep atmosphere remind me of TD’s ‘Zeit’. I love the way it has that floating feel that takes you into the land of hyper-sleep! Simply lovely piece of ambient drift. ‘Sphinx’ starts with drum sounds and tinkling little motif and effects, and another great melodic tune gets me playing air-keyboard. I am mesme r ised! ‘Radar’ starts with a deep ‘hum’ then strange growling sound and tron effects that build to a medium-fast ryhthm. Piano is introduced and then an organ joins in eventually, and the piece makes you feel like you are on the last part of a long journey, finally getting synth noises and strangeness as you finally come to earth. I really loved this track, and my review just can’t do it justice, it was so good. ‘Voices In The Space’ builds an epic sounding rhythm and effects, then a melody and tune are established, groovy music indeed, lots of electronic effects, and occasionally a flute sound appears rather pleasantly. This is yet another great track from the ‘maestro’ Javi. ‘Epilogue’ closes the album with a relaxing and peaceful piece as if the end of the night. This is my favourite album so far by Javi, and he just seems to improve all the time!!! An essential album!

    2020. Geoffrey Mason / United Kingdom”

  2. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    Red Metal and Strange Vision from Javi Canovas, whose CD releases Impasse and Light Echoes I enjoy very much. Those featured lengthy Berlin school excursions, whereas these two releases have a little more variety, going for shorter tracks with stronger themes and melodic structure.

    The difference in style is evident immediately on Red Metals opener, Circadian Rhythms

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