Jiannis & Lambert – Timeless vision


Released: 1988 By kuSpheric Music

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  1. White Lights [10:59]MP3 soundclip of White lights [0:30]
  2. Secrets Of The Night [4:26]
  3. Dark Rooms [12:02]MP3 soundclip of Dark rooms [0:30]
  4. SUN [10:06]
  5. Coloured Lights [10:00]
  6. Lightdancer [3:35]
  7. Transparent Nightmare [11:14]
  8. Piano [4:40]
  9. Walking In The Sun [6:38]

Live in Kreuztal 1988. Very TD-like

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5 reviews for Jiannis & Lambert – Timeless vision

  1. Phil Derby

    If you relish sequencers galore, with great melodic hooks to boot, then look no further than Timeless Vision

  2. Paul Rijkens

    This is a recording of a concert Jiannis Zedamanis and Lambert Ringlage gave in August 1988 at the Alte Feuerwehrhaus” (in English: old firestation) in German Kreuztal. I was interested to hear how the distinctive styles of the two blended. Jiannis used to play music in the true “Berliner Schule”-way

  3. Mark Jenkins / E-Mix

    Jiannis Zedamanis has a couple of releases on Lambert Ringlage’s Spheric label, and like them this collaborative concert effort dates from the late 1980’s when the duo were playing music influenced by an even earlier generation, the Berlin school of the 1970’s. Despite a sleeve note pointing out that the equipment was not so professional in those days, there’s plenty of imagination on display.

    White Light” opens with the ancient sound a ram’s horn

  4. Josetxu / Espaa

    Hace tiempo adquiri, Nightsessions, de Jiannis. Para m fue una grata sorpresa ya que me considero un enamorado de los trabajos secuenciales.
    En, Visin de Timeless, vuelvo a escuchar similitudes con, Nightsessions, me recuerda mucho a la msica electrnica de los 70. No me esperaba menos de Jiannis y Lambert.

    2002. Josetxu / Espaa

  5. Edgar Kogler / Amazing sounds

    These two composers combine their respective styles very well, thus achieving that their music possesses an unusual personality, very imaginative, capable of attracting the attention of the listener at once. The general style of this work can be placed between Space and instrumental symphonism.
    Some passages are cold, mysterious. Others turn out to be warm, emotional. There are slow themes and other lively ones. The rhythms are sequencer-based mostly. The melodies are very emotional, with romantic and also solemn traits, yet without falling into anexcessive sweetness.

    2003. Edgar Kogler / Amazing sounds

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