Johannes Schmoelling – A thousand times


Released: 2009 By Viktoriapark Records

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  1. Monochrome [6:52]
  2. Diorama [5:40]
  3. Abacus [5:24]
  4. Stigma [6:48]
  5. Funeral Tears (For my father) [5:51]
  6. A Thousand Times [6:16]
  7. Blueprint [5:58]
  8. A Thousand Times (reprise) [5:45]
  9. Kite Runner [5:40]
  10. Palace of Dreams [5:42]
  11. Footsteps (Jonas Behrens) [4:39]

Emotional, sequencer

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2 reviews for Johannes Schmoelling – A thousand times

  1. andy / UK

    Nice review by Bert, however Johannes joined the band in 1979, not during TD‘s 1983 tour of Poland.
    Another solid album from Johannes

    2010. andy / UK

  2. Kristian Persson / Sweden

    This release by Johannes Schmoelling has to be my favorite.
    Here JS combines piano with synths, and the result is astonishing. This release has many similarities to his previous output ‘Instant City’ as it continues very much in the same style, only this time Johannes makes use of the piano to a much greater extent.

    Tracks like ‘Monochrome’ and ‘Blueprint’ are gracious tracks filled with a tapestry of sounds not of this earth. Here JS certainly shows his ability to create a infectious combination of music where both the piano and the synths are building up a nice sound structure that can only be done by JS himself, if you ask me.
    Furthermore, there are also some similarities to Robert Fox on a couple of tracks, listen to ‘A Thousand Times’ and you will know what I mean.

    As said before, this is my favorite CD by Mr.Schmoelling, and if you, like me, loved ‘Instant City’, then consider this release as a follow up, only this time there is slightly more piano flavour to it, which suits perfect on a cracking album like this!. I highly recommend this album for fans of his previous album ‘Instant City’
    Get ready to face a new level of infectious EM!. Brilliant!

    2009. Kristian Persson / Sweden

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