Jonn Serrie – Stargazer’s journey


Released: 2003 By New World Music Limited

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  1. The Stargazer’s Journey [8:47]MP3 soundclip of The stargazer`s journey [3:00]
  2. Eye of the Beholder [9:34]
  3. Goldstone [8:32]
  4. Pan Galactic [9:27]
  5. The Stars, Like Dust [15:35]
  6. Radiant Dawn’s Whisper [7:58]

Beautiful collection of cosmic musical peotry

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2 reviews for Jonn Serrie – Stargazer’s journey

  1. Chuck van Zyl / STAR’S END

    For many, Jonn Serrie is the gateway to Spacemusic. And how fortunate these neophytes are to have such an exemplary musical experience with which to measure all their future explorations against. Serrie‘s music is often cited as the standard in a well populated field and his release The Stargazer’s Journey (60:01) is an instant classic.

    The album contains six pieces, each one more discovery than construct, and extols the mystery and magnitude of the truth and infinitude of the clear night sky. Rather than travelling through or creating space, The Stargazer’s Journey considers the diurnality of the celestial sphere and portrays our pondering earthbound lives beneath it. The music here is warm, shimmering and curvaceous; its sonic imagery ignited through Serrie‘s beautiful synthesizer pads and effects.
    The smooth and reverential The Star’s

  2. Michael Foster / Ambientvisions

    At the last instant before the sun sets on a clear evening, a sharp-eyed observer might notice the bright speck of sunlight turn green. For most of the world, that green flash” marks the end of day. But for a lover of the night sky

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