Konrad Kucz – Railroad paths


Released: 2008 By Ziemowit Poniatowski

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  1. Path I [10:05]MP3 soundclip of Path I [3:00]
  2. Path II [5:23]MP3 soundclip of Path II [0:30]
  3. Path III [7:00]MP3 soundclip of Path III [0:30]
  4. Path IV [14:46]MP3 soundclip of Path IV [0:30]
  5. Path V [13:26]MP3 soundclip of Path V [0:30]

    Bonus track:

  6. Robotic Missions [4:24]MP3 soundclip of Robotic Missions [0:30]

Vintage sounds and choir textures, fx and sequences

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