Lamp – Three Towers

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Released: 2012 By Groove Unlimited


  1. The Tower of Breganze – [20:19]
  2. The Tower of Aurumshade – [17:51]
  3. The Tower of Diameter – [19:28]

Michael Shipway joined by Garth Jones made this great new album full of great melodies and sequencing. If you like VoLt and Michaels music you will love this!

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2 reviews for Lamp – Three Towers

  1. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    Based on the tales weaved by Bernodine, a scientist as unknown as his fame, The Three Towers by Lamp is the answer to the striking Phoenix Arising from Steve Smith and the Tylas Cyndrome which surprised the world of progressive EM and England School in 2011. Lamp, which comes also out of Volt thigh, is consist of Michael Shipway (the other half of Volt) on synths and sequences and Garth Jones, an old friend, on guitars. And The Three Towers is a very beautiful album which takes on a particular cachet with its artwork that looks like the legend of Tolkien; The Lord of the Rings. Except that far from being in the lands of an EM to the fragrances of the Middle earth, The Three Towers unlocks on 3 long musical chapters where misty mellotron and synths with solos from the past caress some sweet solos and harmonies of a very romantic guitar on evolutionary rhythms, arched on good sequences and programmed percussions. Its a superb album which transcends the music of the Middle, let us stay in the thematic, in order to offer a musical journey as epic as the tales of Bernodine (The Universe as seen by Bernodine), which we can read extracts on Michael Shipway’s site.

    The Tower of Breganze” introduces us into this dazzling world of a hybrid EM with iridescent strata coming from a metallic guitar which float in the soft comfort of a smooth one mellotron mist. This heady mist

  2. Clive / England

    Cant believe the above review are trying to describe the same CD I have.

    ….. The Three Towers is a wonderful album where the retro Berlin School bathes in progressive ambiences with just it takes to make us topple over the other side of the mirror of the comfort of minimalist rhythms…… ???? Sorry, WTF does that mean ? can someone interpret please ?

    For me Michael Shipway is probably the best Composer around at the moment. I thought Voyage to Venus” was brilliant but this probably transcends that albeit in a slightly different vein. On his solo stuff such as “Venus” he regales us with some of the most wonderful tunes and melodies I have ever heard

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