Mark Jenkins – Modular Sessions 19: Live in the USA Disk 2


Released: 2023 By AMP Records

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1) If The World Were Turned On Its Head, We Would Walk Among The Stars (17.49)
2) Poconos Summer (4.20)
3) A Lamentation of Swans (6.24)
4) The Quantum Vortex (6.27)
5) Some Garrisongs (5.20)
6) Ten Thousand Tears (11.27)
7) Death From Above/Outro (5.35)

8) Klauscape (intro by Bill Fox) (5.35)

The tracks are taken from concerts, live improvisations, radio and internet broadcasts mostly from 2005 in a series of festival and planetarium performances across the US East Coast. Eight long pieces feature mostly rhythmic sequenced Berlin-style music with touches of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze, plus a little more abstract experimentalism in the vein of Conrad Schnitzler and some shorter, more melodic Jean-Michel Jarre style pieces.
Originally the second half of a double CD release (the first half having already been re-released with a bonus track as “Modular Sessions 13: Live In The USA Disk 1”) the album reads like a Who’s Who? of the US synth music scene, the founder of the website Howard Moscowitz joining in on synth and MIDI banjo (!), with the bands XEROID ENTITY (adding Greg Waltzer), ORBITAL DECAY (Terry Furber and Scott Watkins) and FRINGE ELEMENT (Michael Victor, Roland Kuit, James Lacey) on other tracks.

The opener is a live performance of the multi-sequencer title track from “If The World Were Turned On Its Head, We Would Walk Among The Stars”, recently itself re-issued, and here adding the huge Moog Modular system owned by Howard Moscowitz since the 1960’s and pictured on the CD cover. “Some Garrisongs” is an arrangement of compositions by Michael Garrison who had passed away during the previous year. With the whole album re-mastered, a new bonus track “Klauscape” has been added from a later US concert series hosted by Bill Fox.

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