Maxxess – Offroad


Released: 2006 By Klangdesign-Records

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  1. PulseMP3 soundclip of Pulse [3:00]
  2. MiracleMP3 soundclip of Miracle [1:26]
  3. OffroadMP3 soundclip of Offroad [1:14]
  4. Crazy blue thing
  5. Adrenaline
  6. Sleepwalk
  7. Q.e.d.
  8. Avebury henge
  9. Slowmotion (live)

Nine progressive psychoacoustic stories

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3 reviews for Maxxess – Offroad

  1. Stephan Schelle

    Rechtzeitig zum Weihnachtsfest erscheint am 15. Dezember 2006 das vierte Soloalbum des Elektronikgitarristen Maxxess mit dem Titel Offroad.
    Max Maxxess” Schiefele schickt sich an

  2. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    Usually, I make it a point to keep the reviews in EAS narrowly focused on electronic, ambient, and space music. However, editors prerogative allows me to decide when I want to make an exception, and Offroad is just too good a CD not to include, simply because it ROCKS! No doubt there are plenty of electronic sounds here, lots of cool sequencing, all that stuff.

    But first and foremost, Maxxess is all about the bone-crunching guitars, with fantastic melodies, driving rhythms, and kick-ass solos that will leave you spent as you crank the stereo at home or, preferably, driving down the highway in your car. When Im listening to Pulse” I can barely sit still; the higher the volume the better on this one. Gently strummed guitars lighten things up at the start of “Miracle” but the power riffs take off again in short order. Still

  3. Kristian Persson / Sweden

    This is THE best effort by my favorite artist Maxxess

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