Mind Projects – States of mind


Released: 1997 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. States of Mind [7:37]MP3 soundclip of States of Mind [3:10]
  2. Visions [7:41]
  3. Desperation [6:17]MP3 soundclip of Desperation [3:00]
  4. R.E.M. Dreams [4:20]
  5. Tension [8:16]
  6. Religion [8:03]
  7. Worldly Escape [6:01]MP3 soundclip of Worldly escape [3:00]
  8. Freedom [6:52]
  9. Spirit Vibes [4:23]

Dutch trio with style: Mindflux/Spyra

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  1. Bill Binkelman Wind & Wire – New Instrumental Music Reviews and Interviews

    This well-done recording of mostly sequencer-based/Berlin school EM snuck in under my radar and missed getting reviewed much earlier. Mind Projects is the work of Paul Bliekendaal, Roland Guyt, and Marcel Guyt. The music on States of Mind” was made to run as the soundtrack to a movie in which the lead character “processes her everyday activity

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