Otarion – Decide


Released: 2017 By MellowJet Records

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  1. each other [9:41]
  2. considered [5:12]
  3. contemplate [4:35]
  4. varied [6:18]
  5. unpublished [12:15]
  6. seven chapters [8:12]
  7. behold [6:28]
  8. decisived [8:43]
  9. alternate [7:44]

New Otarion from 2017

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1 review for Otarion – Decide

  1. Sylvain Lupari

    Decide marks the end of an era for Otarion. After the trilogy of Genius, Monument and Constellations and the Red Thread Front, Rainer Klein turns over a new leaf by proposing a resolutely more rock album with 9 titles which evolve constantly within their time frames. Faithful to his vision of eternal romantic, the German musician manages to insert almost everywhere these small blocks of emotion, of poignant music, which play very well on the evolutions of big rock and dance music which alternate inside the 70 minutes of Decide.

    A line of sequences waves with a shape of rhythm under the resonances of some grave chords. From this introduction tinted of nostalgia, the rhythmic structure of Each Other” spreads its dominance with good effects of guitars and a line of flickering sequences which couple to percussions of which the rigid structures crashes in a brief passage of ambient vibes. Effects of voice (Talkbox) are embedded while a m eshing of percussions

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