Otarion – Monument


Released: 2015 By MellowJet Records

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  1. Movement [8:37]
  2. Touch the Sky (Pt.1) [5:18]
  3. Stardriver [7:24]
  4. Hidden Place [5:07]
  5. The Prophecy [7:35]
  6. The Discovery [6:49]
  7. Touch the Sky (Pt.2) [3:53]
  8. The Monument [14:45]
  9. Lost Past [4:17]
  10. Upstairs [8:31]

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1 review for Otarion – Monument

  1. Sylvain Lupari / gutsofdarkness.com & synthsequences.blogspot.ca

    I quite fell under the charms of Otarion with the music of Genius. I know! We are far, even very far, from the long sound rivers of Berlin School where eclectic ambiences are linked to rhythms in constants fusion and division. But we are always in the realm of EM with a Rainer Klein very philosopher who looks for all the recipes in order to give us goose bumps. Melodious, intense and rather pompous; Monument surfs on the deep emotions of Genius, then goes in a phase of Electronica where the Enigma and Era genre is pumping oil on furious rhythms to finally end in structures a little bit closer of progressive music with, and always, a very strong attraction for the Vangelis arrangements. Chronicle of an album that we taste phase by phase.

    Some very melancholic notes of piano pierce an iridescent veil and walk shyly in the echoes of clogs’ bangings. The movement is soft. Clouds mutter in background, giving to Movement” this dramatic film style so much desired by Rainer Klein. We surf on the ashes of Genius. Clouds tremble in the 2nd minute

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