Parallel Worlds – Fragmented


Released by DIN – Release date Febuari 2024

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Greek synthesist Bakis Sirros who records under the name of Parallel Worlds has become a familiar name to followers of the DiN label. His debut release was “Obsessive Surrealism” (DiN26) back in 2007 and since then he has released two further solo albums, “Shade” (DiN32) and “Plector” (DiN76), as well as several collaborative albums with different artists including DiN label boss Ian Boddy & Node guru Dave Bessell.

This fourth sonic journey from Sirros on the DiN imprint sees him focusing in on his modular synthesiser systems, especially the Eurorack format with some able support from Buchla. These massive constructed patches live and breath like a crepuscular organism waking from its slumber. Indeed “Fragmented” is bookended by two wonderfully deep, textural tracks appropriately titled “Dawning” and “Sunset”. With the exception of the organ-like drone soundscape of “Time Flow” the remaining seven tracks encapsulate everything we have come to expect from this unique artist, namely dark, menacing bass lines overlaid with glitchy percussive patterns and beguiling, floating melody lines. It has certainly be noted before, but is worth reiterating, that there is a certain John Carpenter like soundtrack quality to the music of Sirros. Seemingly simplistic they shroud a wealth of detail and beauty that is revealed over repeated listening.

Lovers of Electronica, Dark Techno, Downtempo & IDM will find much to admire in “Fragmented” and this new album once again showcases the unique talent of this highly individual musician.

01 Dawning 04:43
02 Moments 05:38
03 Fragmented 05:55
04 For A While 07:48
05 Timeflow 06:10
06 Twilight 05:08
07 Source 04:58
08 Failure 05:37
09 Vactrol Engine 07:19
10 Sunset 06:10

Total Time : 59:46

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