Paul Ellis – I am here


Released: 2012 By Spotted Peccary

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  1. She Who Watches
  2. Chinook Wind
  3. 1 AM On An Island In The Columbia River

Brand new release of Paul ellis!!

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    Abandoning the tranquillity of the musical landscapes of From out of the Vast Comes Nearness, Paul Ellis attacks I Am Here with a surprising rhythmic fury. Heavy and threatening rhythms which pulsate in all senses under the bites of tens of undisciplined ions are forging the surprising soundscape of I Am Here which is also coated by amazing impulses of synth with poly-formic layers flying with madness over the striking reminiscences of Tangerine Dream and Jean Michel Jarre. A strangely powerful (and disturbing I should add) opus, I Am Here is taming with all the patience that Paul Ellis has put there to weave this surrealist musical pattern which is inspired by the paintings that the prehistoric men painted formerly on the walls of the caves of Columbia River Gorge. Ready? Jump on your headphones cause its gonna rock like seldom for an EM work composed by a North American synthesist, the land of serene poets.

    A knock of percussions awakens a strange choir with breaths of silvers when synth blades made of a strong Dreamish scent covers the first rattles of She Who Watches” sequenced ions. These sequences waddle shyly in emptiness

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