Paul Ellis – The Haunted Afternoon

 9,90 14,50

Released: 2024 By Groove Unlimited


01 – The Haunted Afternoon – 22:17.26
02 – Box full of the Dark and Infinite – 10:37.60
03 – A Parliement of Night Owls – 11:59.36
04 – The Four Winds – 12:44.16
05 – Quantum Entanglement – 14:48.40

Total CD – 1:12:29.28

The Haunted Afternoon is a collection of improvised pieces that were performed live and stitched together to make one album.
Because of limiting the time length (and as a mercy to DJ’s ) the 5 main pieces have been separated.

We have also included a MP3 version (with the CD) where it is a continuous piece for those of us that like our Spacemusic immersive!
But if you play it in one stream from your CD player it has the same effect!

The Download versions of the album (both flac and mp3) have the continuous piece also!

Paul Ellis

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