Paul Nagle – Exoplanets Vol 1


Released: 2024 By Synth Music Direct

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1. Taphao Kaew 21:26
2. Beetlejuice 1 00:26
3. Arion 21:30
4. Beetlejuice 2 00:30
5. Dimidium 16:45

This is not a regular album, it’s a series of drones/soundscapes suitable as backdrops for reading sci-fi, meditating, getting lightly hammered and that sort of thing. If you’re looking for funky basslines, development, direction or human intervention of any kind, look elsewhere. At the time of writing there are over 3,500 Exoplanets known to exist – i.e. planets beyond our own solar system. Artists are already trying to imagine what these might look like so I thought it high time someone imagined what some might sound like.
These tracks are based on a duet between my EMS Synthi AKS and my Eurorack/Digisound modular system. All the ‘work’ is done prior to hitting record, after which the synths are left running unattended for at least 15 mins before I allow myself to touch a knob and add any significant changes. For those interested I’ll paste in my notes made at the time about modules used and the type of Exoplanet I was imagining.

I leave these kind of sounds running for many hours in the studio, this is just an impression but one you might find a use for.
My thanks to Andy Pickford who not only did a superb job of mastering but who provided a more professional cover (included as one of the track’s artwork) which was so good I felt it oversold the album. I repeatn: this isn’t regular music. Put it on at a fairly low level and forget about it. Put it on as you go to sleep if you want weird dreams. 🙂

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