Paul Nagle – Towards Silence


Released: 2021 By SMD Records

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1) painting with imaginary numbers
2) the last ancient forest
3) echoes of a dying tribe
4) the old machinery
5) reversal
6) isolation
7) towards silence
8) reflected glory
9) voices of why
10) shadows of the past
11) campfire lament
12) a wheel of stars
13) the long sleep

This one’s a fairly ambient one but seems to have worked out well, at least to my old ears. Along with the Scottish Suite, seems like I’ve found a bit of form. See what you think.
The aim was minimalism. I improvised on the pads of the ASM Hydrasynth module over a backing of old loops played too slow for added wonkiness. The wonkiness was caused by the unusual timestretch of the Boss RC-505 mark 1.

Some of the loops feature the Waldorf Blofeld and its mellotron samples were kindly donated by Duncan Goddard – thank you sir, you’re a gentleman!
Thanks also to Boele Gerkes and Nigel Bradbury whose kindness brought this music into reality. Reality needs all the help it can get right now so you guys rock!
Final thanks to Tony Bateman who kindly allowed me to take liberties with his photo in designing the cover.

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