Polaris – Desert Run


Released: 2018 By Ziemowit Poniatowski

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  1. Fata Morgana [13:16]
  2. Derweze [9:34]
  3. Dunes [11:40]
  4. Hasting’s Cutoff [9:50]
  5. Oasis [8:12]

Great electronic music full of passion

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1 review for Polaris – Desert Run

  1. Sylvain Lupari

    Hummquite a comeback from Polaris! Near, or more, four years after Way Out, Jakub Kmiec gets out of his den to offer an album which will surprise more than one. An electronic ode on the theme of desert, Desert Run entails in its trail this signature of Polaris’ EDM in structures clearly more elaborate than on his previous albums. The result gives a rather particular style where we find essences of Jarre, for the cosmic decor, Kitaro for the harmonization of the synthesized melodies, Tangerine Dream for the effects and the spirals of sequences and finally Redshift for many other elements.

    It’s moreover in the perfumes of Logos that Fata Morgana” gets organized around our ears. A dark veil imagined in the cave of Redshift spreads layers of chthonian voices around this meshing of percussions and sequences which dribble its keys in a rhythmic which goes towards this electronic rock that we still don’t know how to dance. Evolving in two ph ases

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