Pyramid Peak – Anatomy


Released: 2013 By Exel Stupplich

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  1. Anatomy [13:35]
  2. Iceland [14:22]
  3. Injection [13:38]
  4. Dark Energy [15:53]
  5. The voyage [12:38]

The brand new release by Pyramid Peak!!

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    A meshing of cymbals makes chink its elytrons of metal in a Gothic Hear Hear!, introducing the somber waves of synth which twist themselves and float in a cacophonous intro. A delicate tremulous rhythm is beating awkwardly behind the dusts of this din where are grafted some lugubrious voices which hum in the mislaid airs of synths, pushing the title-track this last Pyramid Peak opus towards an ambiospherical intro where the rhythm strips off little by little of its chords and abandons its weak symmetric pulse. Anatomy” strikes the cape of 5 minutes. And the bones of rhythm get organized behind a glittering curtain of abstruse breaths. The sequences clink and resound

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