Redshift – Redshift


Released: 1996 By Virtual World Ltd.

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  1. Redshift [18:43]MP3 soundclip of Redshift [3:00]
  2. Spin [8:26]
  3. Shine [4:02]
  4. Blueshift [33:05]

Music in the style of T.D. around Pheadra. Mark plays his Moog Modular 3C system. With James Goddard, Julian Shreeve and Rob Jenkins

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3 reviews for Redshift – Redshift

  1. Sylvain Lupari / &

    For those who missed it, the music of Redshift is now available on Bandcamp. Redshift is a surprising extension of the universe of Mark Shreeve whose last solo album was the excellent audio recording (the album Collide) of his concert given the 12 Mars 1994 at the Derby Assembly Rooms; a real EM temple for a new generation of English musicians. Less harmonious, clearly heavier and especially more black than his solo works, this new musical adventure of the famous and taciturn English musician turns around a greater use of the big Moog which seems to have no secret for the dexterity and especially the imagination of Mark Shreeve who wrote all the music of Redshift. Flanked by the musicians who appeared on Collide (James Goddard and Julian Shreeve) Mark Shreeve also got the help of the guitarist Rob Jenkins whose solos and mordant riffs add a more progressive dimension to the music of Mark Shreeve. The entity Redshift was so born. Only the ide ntity is missing! And it is through a heavy and dark ambience as well as rhythms which buzz so much that they tremble that the Redshift seal marks our ears. And the first album is simply surprising.

    It is through a heavy and dark atmosphere that the English quartet throws at us an EM which transcends the limits of the imagination of the sequenced rhythms and the chthonian vibe. Everything turns around the monstrous Moog. This big wall of threads, knobs and switches which made the delights of Chris Franke and Klaus Schulze fans finds itself in Mark Shreeve’s musical laboratory who is one of the few to know its secrets and dexterities. The sequencer is nervous, stormy and imaginative. It roars and beats with a huge Mellotron mist and synth moans to the greatness of the colossal works by Tangerine Dream, style Rubycon and Phaedra. It’s a whole musical journey which crossed timeless barriers while keeping the freshness of the 2000’s. Here the rhythm has no measure. It is puzzling, even abstract, so much the music flies at the wills of amorphous choruses and heavy sequencers. Noises of machines open the dine valves of the eponym track. From then on, we understand of what the universe of Redshift will be made of. Long laments of war sirens are sweeping a black horizon where rot souls and their deformed lamentations. A wave of choruses armed with celestial trumpets rises to take out a little black of Redshift” which

  2. 24db / uk

    I bought this when it first came out, listened to (didn’t like it)….put it to one side for ten years, listened to it again and then sold it on eBay. I can’t see what all the fuss is about, sorry lads I’m sure you can do better than this, in the meantime I jumped ship.

    2006. 24db / uk

  3. DSJR / UK

    The bottom line is this. This cd is a deep homage to the wonderful mid seventies EM vibe that so many of us” fans love so much and which was all too quickly abandoned as the technology changed so rapidly.
    My tastes in EM had appeared to move on from the seventies era. By the mid nineties

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