Remy & – PrimiTiveS

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Released: 2013 By Groove Unlimited


  1. Underground Tubes [12:18]
  2. Traffic Cones [7:22]
  3. Ancient Pyramids [7:05]
  4. Liquid Spheres [6:26]
  5. Fractured Splines [7:10]
  6. Crashing Toroids [5:45]
  7. Paper Planes [6:57]
  8. Frozen Cubes [5:21]
  9. Burning Cylinders [12:31]

Two Dutch EM masters, combined on one cd. A wonderful combination.

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2 reviews for Remy & – PrimiTiveS

  1. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    Strange musical combination that this one of Synth NL and Remy. Although both Dutch musicians share an interest for the music of Jean Michel Jarre, they are the exact opposite of their musical visions as much for the genre that of the writings. It’s at the 2007 E-Live Festival that Remy Stroomer, who has a study of classic musician, and Michel van Osenbruggen, a self-taught who is inspired by Vangelis, have made acquaintance. In the course of the meetings and conversations during following festivals and events of EM, they developed a friendship as well as some interest in composing an album together. And so PrimiTiveS was shyly born. According to both authors, the conception was difficult. The distance between the genres and the difference at the level of the writing technique have outstripped at the same time and moved closer to two new accomplices who wrote the main lines of PrimiTiveS each of their sides. The result is a delicious mix of both styles which propel the EM fan in the spectral and theatrical atmospheres that Remy has concocted along Exhibition of Dreams and the heavy and curt rhythms that made the mark of Synth NL with OceanoGraphy.

    And it’s this mixture which is at the heart of Underground Tubes”

  2. Bert Strolenberg /

    PrimiTiveS” is the debut-album by the established Dutch synthesists Remy (aka Remy Stroomer) and (aka Michel van Osenbruggen). Although they are both musically influenced by Jean Michael Jarre

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